About h42

Homes for tomorrow (h42) is a strong research environment which supports our future homes in the global era with new technologies, materials and spatial structures which radically reduce resource and energy intensity. Research that might lead to technologies and experiential developments for the retrofit of current homes will have an important role in h42.

Our strong research environment is a transdisciplinary arena for researchers within the area of the built environment with a focus on building and homes and to provide research in close collaboration with the building industry. Research results, innovations, new ways of working and applications, at the cutting edge, are formed on this arena.

The interdisciplinary research environment is based on systems thinking with an emphasis on engineering and experiential aspects of the home. Key research projects are carried out within:

  • Active multifunctional building envelopes
  • Concrete composites with energy storage potential
  • Indoor water systems
  • Perceptions of homes light and structures

The transdisciplinary arena is based on a systems design approach and will include real life references, inspiration homes and prototype testing. The h42 team carries out research, in close collaboration with the external partners, that will underpin real building solutions that can feasibly be implemented in Sweden and abroad.